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We build transparency tech solutions for enterprises moving from volume to value in their business models and strategy. We do this through software products that address each aspect of the processing and manufacturing business model.

Key Principles:

Sales Self Service Tool

For sales teams dealing with off shore sales, complex logistics, language and time zone barriers.

Increase sales activity
GROWTH - add new products easily, increase touch points without adding another sales person
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Scale your sales - create customer intimacy without adding personnel
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Provenance as a service - provide easy to use rich data stories and marketing collateral with each shipment
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Introduce scarcity pricing - don't leave margin on the table. Get the highest price for your in demand products.

Farm Assurance for Processors

Easily capture necessary on-farm activity data and remove friction for your suppliers.

Easy to use for suppliers
Utilises existing on farm tools to make it easy to report for suppliers
Accurate and more granular data

Export Compliance Tool

Ensure all your export compliance requirements are digital and accessible by customers and stakeholders.

Digitise your export documents
Easily surface for your customers
Easily link lab tests and reports to batches

Supply Forecasting Tool

Production planning is challenging due to weather. Understand the accuracy of your market plan and production plan to deliver on sales in real time.

Understand the accuracy of supply predictions using large data sets
Reduce or remove dependance on accurate reporting from suppliers or reps

Productisation Service

Easily identify attributes hidden within your suppliers and validate against market fit, and ensure minimum volumes available.

Add high-value products quickly and easily
Test new products within the market quickly and easily before investing
Utilise data to understand underutilised value

Audit and Contract Management Tool

Ensure all suppliers adhere to program specific requirements.

Digital Configurable checklists
Real time reporting on completion rates
Reduce audit/compliance cost

Hemp App

Emerging industry digitisation platform for certification and licensing

Share the Admin - Simply and clearly divide up the admin between Seed Merchants and Contractors, or those who want someone else to do their Licence and Application admin on their behalf
Future Feature: Trace and Trace compliance testing, providence, genetics, standards and certifications
Future Feature: integrate all your data sources in one place  - import from mapping, production data and carbon accounting platforms to automate licence reporting
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