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We see an amazing future for New Zealand agriculture. A future where technology makes lives better, businesses stronger and our country the envy of the world. The best way for us to get there is together.

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Our Products

We have developed a suit of products that enable processors, manufacturers, and aggregators of raw material to more effectively deliver value through the supply chain. Enabling more visibility in the sales function all the way back down to assurance at the production end of the value chain.

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    Customer Portal
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    Farm Assurance for Processors
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    Asset Management
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    Work flow Management
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Our Services

We work with our clients to ensure their businesses are future proof and address business critical requirements.

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    Transparency Readiness Audit
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    Sustainabilty Consulting
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    Custom Development Services

We are specialists in technology that supports agriculture and the agri-food value chain. We have data scientists, Developers, Business Analysts, UX/UI Designers, Testers, Workshop Facilitators and Consultants to address your challenges or help bring your ideas to life.

Our specialist ERP Platforms and SaaS solutions help processors and manufacturers in the following sectors transition from volume/commodity business models to value- based business models that leverage existing data to create value and deliver it through the supply chain.

”Soon the data about our food will become more valuable than the food itself - If you are still selling packages of agricultural or food products, you aren't ready for the disruption in the transparent supply chain”

- Melissa Baer CEO

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We're always keen to partner with companies and people that are leading the way, and pushing the boundaries.

Webtools Agritech provides leading software solutions and technologies, working with some of Australasia's most established agribusinesses. Our solutions not only enable measurable business intelligence across different departments, platforms, and channels - but they creates a unified user experience.  
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