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Consumers and the Agrifood Supply Chain: A perspective on International Market Trends.


As consumers, the food we eat and drink touches on many of our most pressing current and future challenges in business and society. How consumers interact with the food and drink they buy is where some of the most interesting future problem-solving opportunities lie. This is a large space to step into, with many broad and intersecting sub-areas.


Transparency, Sustainability and Certification: The Future of our Food Production and Distribution


In Part One — The Transparency Key — we explore what transparency really means in sustainable food production and explain why transparency is so fundamental to the future of sustainability in human systems, agriculture and commerce.


Configurable Certification Software Utilised in the Emerging Hemp Industry 


Webtools Agritech is working with the Industry body the New Zealand Hemp Industries Association with support from Sustainable Food and Fibres Fund to implement a licensing tool that will enable the once cottage industry to mature and become reputable on the global market. 


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