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To support Processors, Aggregators, and Manufacturers by giving them the tools necessary to reward value created at the producer level and then communicate value to the consumer and celebrate the diversity of the ecology and the consumer - at scale.

What happens when you get two born and raised farm kids crossed with enough technology knowledge to be dangerous? You get an Agritech company. Brett O'Donnell and Melissa Baer both come from agriculture backgrounds. Brett from the Hawkes Bay where he put in his dues picking apples, and Melissa from Baden Ontario Canada, where she put in her fair share of time on the Organic farm (Organic since 1987).

Brett went on to spend his career in technology and founded Webtools Ltd. Melissa went on to spend her career in supply chain businesses, founding businesses in production on farm, agriculture tourism, and a company in the business of distribution of agri-food products, while advising on local food eco system not for profits and food commerce technology solutions. With our collective entrenched sustainability DNA, as well as our supply chain knowledge of business models throughout the supply chain, combined with the technology capability. We set out to create solutions for the Agriculture, food and value chain industry.

Meet the makers

Our Amazing Team

Tim Brown


Super Power: Build technology vision, strategy and empowering teams to provide quality solutions meeting strategic objectives

Erica Abrie

BUSiness analyst

Super Power: Cross pollinating innovations from across sectors. Bringing learnings to the Agriculture sector‍

Henry Bersani

BUSiness analyst

Super Power: Driving great client outcomes through entrepreneurial creativity, curiosity, and a passion for great communication.

Helena Lowe


Super Power: Going big, taking risks. Wisdom in framing opportunities, and intersecting culture in clever meaningful ways.

Laurent Y


Super Power: Ability to see the vision, story and implement through code

Chris Henderson


Super Power: As one of Webtools original developers, he's got Webtools innovation DNA + international and cross industry experience to inform accurate technology decisions.

Angeline SP


Super Power: Quite fascinated towards front-end, as it is something that any user would resonate. Smash it, and everything else follows.

Chris Morison


Super Power: Making anything possible - if a customer wants a feature, I can make it happen

Seruni Brown


Super Power: A combination of Problem solving, Critical thinking and Creativity mixed together enables me to see things from a different perspective in order to provide a great User Experience.

Keen on joining forces?

We're always keen to partner with companies and people that are leading the way, and pushing the boundaries.

Webtools Agritech provides leading software solutions and technologies, working with some of Australasia's most established agribusinesses. Our solutions not only enable measurable business intelligence across different departments, platforms, and channels - but they creates a unified user experience.  
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